Are you a "super-matcher"?

Are you a super-matcher? Our research has shown that there are people with an extraordinary ability to compare or “match” complex visual patterns – something that forensic scientists train for many years to do. We have discovered that there are people in the world that are naturally gifted in this ability. Find out if you are a super-matcher by taking our test!

We have found that there are rare individuals in the general population who are extremely accurate in visual comparison – or “matching – tasks. For example, face or fingerprint comparison where people are asked to decide if two faces or fingerprints are from the same person or different people. Our research has shown that some people are highly accurate in this task across a range of different complex visual patterns.

Our results challenge the long-held belief that forensic scientists’ abilities are solely the result of years of experience and training. Some of them may be naturally talented at their work, and there may be other people out there that are also naturally gifted with this ability.

We are still investigating what makes these people so special so if you think you might be one of them, please sign up at the end of the test to participate in more research by providing your email!

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